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Sri Lanka in Crisis Again

by M. Thiru

Mr. Venkatesh, 

Re: 'Sri Lanka in crisis again' in the Asian Tribune 

As an observer, I wonder why the Sri Lankan Police declined the help offered by the UK and US police authorities in solving the murder of Laxman Kadirgamar?  This international help the Sri Lankan police do not want.  But they want the international community to condemn the killing and ban LTTE. 

What "just society" (Dharmica Samjaya) gave 5/6 of the votes to J.R. Jeyawardne in 1977?  It will be interesting to see how many votes the JVP, JHU, etc. -supported Mahinda Rajapakse will get this time in the presidential election and, subsequently, how many the Chandrika /Anura-led SLFP will get in the general elections in today's Dharmica Samjaya.

Who abducted the Tamil intellectual cum journalist D. Sivaram in front of a police station in Colombo and murdered him in the high security zone?  Have the police solved this case?  What has JVP done to a Tamil Journalist from Sudar Oli in Colombo? That is what the JVP calls democracy and human rights and Tamils must come to democratic ways by laying down their arms.  By the way, has the JVP laid down all their arms? 

For self respecting Tamils all over the world our struggle is like that of Arjuna blessed by Krishna in the Mahabharata, the righteous struggle of Tamils from state terrorism.  

If your cousins want a lasting peace based on Buddha Dharma they have to negotiate with Arjuna & his brothers for a lasting solution.  WHETHER YOU AGREE WITH ME A NOT, I AM SURE TIRUPATHI VENKATESHAN WILL AGREE WITH ME.  Govindha ! Govindha! Govindha! 

The correct Buddhism permeated from North India via South India to Sri Lanka.  Asoka and his children, Mahinda and Sangamitha, were instrumental.  Now the war-mongering Sri Lanka Buddhism might flow upstream to South India and North India once it succeeds in occupying the whole of the NorthEast of SL.  Think who is acting as a buffer now. 

Observers should not be surprised if the Ramayana is superceded by a version similar the Mahavamasa even in these modern times!


Posted August 26, 2005