The Prophesy of Mr. C. Suntheralingham

[December 20, 1963]

I propose to invite those Eyla [Eelath Thamils] Thamils who accept the policy that the time has come for the partition of Ceylon and for the restoration of the Thamil state that existed before the Treaty of Amiens of 1802, to come forward and join the fight for the Freedom and Independence of the Eyla Thamil Nation.

As a first step, and for the immediate future, all constitutional methods have to be tried and the Eyla Thamils must be persuaded at the next general elections to send as their representatives to Parliament only those who will endeavor to secure a free and independent Thamil Nation State of Eylom within the Commonwealth. Eylom will want a number of candidates to contest each and every seat which may be in Eylom territory. They must be prepared to undergo personal and financial sacrifices. If they fail, they will only have themselves and the Eyla Thamil people to thank.

I am satisfied that if the Federal Party [Ilankai Thamil Arasu Kadchi] under Mr Samuel Chelvanayakam continues to claim that their Federal Policy and their Sathyagraha and Ahimsa and Patha-Yathirai plans are alone acceptable to the general body of Eyla Tamils, the Eyla Thamil Nation will take a long time to be reborn. The sufferings and tribulations of the rising generation can hardly be described. But what future generations will have to undergo cannot be imagined.

It is the next general election that will decide whether the Elya Tamils are to survive or perish in Eylom. Will the public servants who are retiring and other Tamils who bemoan their present fate and future of their progeny, enter into a freedom struggle of Eylom? Eylom wants them! Do they not hear the Drum Tattoo of Eylom Murasu!

C. Suntheralingham

Source: Eylom: Beginning of the Freedom Struggle; Dozens Documents by C Suntherlingham pages 72-73.