In the first year Sri Lanka gained independence from Britain (1948) laws were enacted to disenfranchise a segment of the Tamil Population (Tamils in Tea Plantations)
(Citizenship Act # 18 of 1948 & Indian and Pakistani Residents Citizenship Act of 1949).
Over a million Tamils were deprived of their civic and political rights.

"The result today is a wholly arbitrary deprivation of the fundamental right to citizenship of one's country for a group of people almost all of whom were born there, who have lived there all their lives, who have never been anywhere else and have no other allegiance..."
- Paul Sieghart; Sri Lanka, A Mounting Tragedy of Errors, International Commission of Jurists Report 1984
"We do not accept... that there is any justification for denying civic and political rights to the million or so Tamils."
- Robert Kilroy-Silk MP & Roger Sims MP United Kingdom Parliamentary Human Rights Group, February 1985


Tamil Plantation Workers plucking tea leaves.