Youth Organization of American Tamils

Mission Statement

The Tamils population in the United States is growing steadily. So is the Tamil youth population. The youth segment of the Tamil population in United States mostly comprising of first generation Tamils or second generation Tamils. Most of our parents living here are first generation Tamils. They have gone through a lot of trouble in bringing us up. However, being brought up in a non-Tamil speaking world far from our homeland brings its own challenges. One has to experience these challenges to fully appreciate the complexity and the difficulty of them. Having experienced in walking through the maze of two distinctively different cultures - western and the Tamil culture, we are in a unique position to understand our identity better. We are thankful to our parents for bringing us up as good citizens and we are proud of our achievements thus far. We believe we are now in a unique position to lead the next generation of Tamil youth in the right path.

Here we outline our objectives as how we intend to take up this leadership.


  1. Promote understanding of the Tamil culture among the Tamil youths and among others in the United States. Help establish a positive image of Tamils in United States.

  2. Discuss, debate and educate the Tamil masses in the United States of the challenges and various social issues faced by Tamil youths when growing up in USA (this country). Provide a forum for the Tamil youths to exchange their ideas and experiences towards improving the life of every Tamil youth in this country.

  3. Engage in legal and democratic activities to stop persecution of Tamils in any country and in Sri Lanka in particular. Establish working relationships with governmental and non-governmental organizations in the United States to help stop Tamils being persecuted.

  4. To integrate and to help integrate other Tamils with the American society while preserving the Tamil identity.

  5. To nurture community leaders as a first step to become leaders of tomorrow.

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