By: T. Sabaratnam


Volume One

Introduction, Part 1

Introduction, Part 2

Chapter 1:  Why didn't he hit back?

Chapter 2:  Going in for a Revolver

Chapter 3:  The Unexpected Explosion

Chapter 4: The Tamil Mood Toughens

Chapter 5: Tamil Youths Turn Assertive

Chapter 6: Birth of Tamil New Tigers

Chapter 7:The Cyanide Suicide

Chapter 8: First Military Operation

Chapter 9: TNT Matures into the LTTE

Chapter 10: The Mandate Affirmed

Chapter 11: The Mandate Ratified

Chapter 12:  Moderates Ignore Mandate

Chapter 13:  Militants Come to the Fore

Chapter 14:  The LTTE Comes into the Open

Chapter 15:  The Ban, J.R.'s Gift

Chapter 16: Wresting Weapons from the Enemy

Chapter 17: Sinhala-Tamil Tension Mounts

Chapter 18: Tamils Lose Faith in Commissions

Chapter 19: Balasingam Enters the Scene

Chapter 20: Jaffna Turned Torture Chamber

Chapter 21: The Split of the LTTE

Chapter 22: The Burning of the Jaffna Library

Chapter 23: Who Gave the Order?

Chapter 24: Tamils Still Back Moderates

Chapter 25: Parliament Discuses Ways to Kill Amir

Chapter 26: The First Attack on the Army

Chapter 27: Amirthalingam Taken for a Ride

Chapter 28: RAW Meets Pirapaharan

Chapter 29: The Indian Interest

Chapter 30: LTTE Guerrillas in Action

Chapter 31: The Death of the First Hero

Chapter 32: The Return of Pirapaharan

Chapter 33: Knocking Out the Base

Chapter 34: Tamils Follow Militant Leadership

Chapter 35: Tamil Blood Boils

Chapter 36: 'We Are Going to Break Heads'

Chapter 37: The Heroic Death of Seelan


Volume Two


Chapter 1: Thirunelveli Attack

Chapter 2: The Jaffna Massacre

Chapter 3: The Final Solution

Chapter 4: Massacre of Prisoners

Chapter 5: The Second Massacre

Chapter 6:  Indira's Telephone Call

Chapter 7: JR Seeks Arms

Chapter 8: The Cover Up

Chapter 9: The Indira Doctrine

Chapter 10:  Indira's Double Track Policy

Chapter 11:  Indira Gandhi's Covert Track

Chapter 12: Conflicting Objectives

Chapter 13: The Love Story

Chapter 14:  JR's Three Track Policy

Chapter 15:  JR Visits China and the US

Chapter 16:  JR's Second Track

Chapter 17:  All Party Conference

Chapter 18:  Tamils Lose Faith in Talks

Chapter 19: Burying the TULF

Chapter 20: Violence Brought to the Fore

Chapter 21: Sustained Guerrilla Campaign

Chapter 22: JR's Third Track

Chapter 23: Manal Aru Becomes Weli Oya

Chapter 24: The Country Turns into a Killing Field

Chapter 25: Militants Acquire Territory

Chapter 26: Foundation for Tamil Eelam

Chapter 27: MGR's Role in the Tamil Struggle

Chapter 28: The First Interview

Chapter 29: JR's Trap for Rajiv's Backtracking

Chapter 30: Jaffna Police Station Attack

Chapter 31: Unity Moves

Chapter 32: Frog-Marched to Thimpu

Chapter 33: Frog-Marched to Thimpu (cont.)

Chapter 34: From Ceasefire to Talks

Chapter 35, Part 1: Thimpu Talks - the First Round

Chapter 35, Part 2: Thimpu Talks - the First Round

Chapter 36, Part 1: Thimpu Talks - the Second Round

Chapter 36, Part 2: Thimpu Talks - the Second Round

Chapter 37: Thimpu Talks Collapse

Chapter 38: Deportation Emboldens Jayawardene

Chapter 39: Pirabha Meets Rajiv

Chapter 40: Operation Green Arrow

Chapter 41: The Massacres

Chapter 42: Massacres Continue