ISGA Not For Separation

ISGA not for separation: Prabha

The proposals for an Interim Administrative structure forwarded by the LTTE were not aimed at a separate state but only at an interim arrangement, said its leader V. Prabhakaran in a statement to the LTTE's Sinhala paper Dedunne.

"The accusations that our proposals are aimed at a separate Tamil state and the first step for secession are not correct. They do not contain proposals for a framework towards a final solution. They are for interim preparations. Without such an organization the displaced cannot be rehabilitated nor development projects implemented. Maintenance of law and order, distribution of land and allocation of funds for provincial administration cannot be done without such a body.

At present we effectively administer the North and East efficiently. I wish to point out this reality with facts," the Tiger leader said.

March 16, 2004


Posted March 16, 2004