Pirapaharan 2, Chapter 4
Massacre of Prisoners

 by T. Sabaratnam

(Volume 2)

4. Massacre of Prisoners

The Talk

In the last chapter, I referred to the information that my friend in the Jathika Seva Sangamaya (JSS) gave me about the final solution. I also said that at that time I did not realize the actual meaning of that phrase. As a political reporter since I joined Lake House in 1957, and as one who concentrated on reporting and analyzing the developments connected with the ethnic conflict, I gave the phrase a political connotation. I realized its real import only after the eruption of violence on Sunday night, July 24, 1983.

A burnt Tamil textile shop, July 1983

In Lake House, I have moved with several leading editors. One of them was the late Mervyn de Silva, who served as Daily News Editor and later as Managing Editor of the Lake House newspapers. After retirement, he published the Lanka Guardian and wrote a regular column, 'Men and Matters,' in the Sunday Island. In his column of 2 February 1992 he wrote,


Posted May 31, 2004