Ilankai Tamil Sangam

Association of Tamils of Sri Lanka in the USA

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News & E-zines in English
- TamilNet
- TamilCanadian
- Tamil Guardian
- Tamil Eelam News
- Tamil Daily News
- ReliefWeb
- Tamil National

US Organizations
- Tamils Against Genocide
- Boycott Sri Lanka
- Federation of Tamil Sangams of North America
There are numerous local Sri Lankan and Indian Tamil organizations around the USA. Check with FeTNA for contacts in your area.

Non-US Organizations
- Centre for Just Peace & Democracy, Switzerland
- NESOHR - North East Secretariat On Human Rights
- Tamil Centre for Human Rights, Paris
- Sri Lanka Campaign
- War Without Witness
- Canadian Tamil Congress
- British Tamil Forum
- Global Tamil Forum
- The Peoples Rights
- Asian Human Rights Commission, Hong Kong

News in Tamil
- Yarl
- Pathivu
- Thinakural
- Uthayan
- Virakesari
- Then Seide
- Ootru
- World Tamil [Radio] News