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Major Human Rights Violations Against NorthEast Civilians Since Rajapakse's Election

(November 19, 2005 to Feb 28, 2007)

Killed   1437
by Sri Lankan Armed Forces   818
by paramilitaries   477
by Tamil Resurgence Force   25
by thugs   1
by unidentified   116
Disappeared   493
by paramilitaries   244
by Sri Lankan Armed Forces   205
by SLAF* home guards   11
by unidentified   33

Source: NESOHR and independent researchers

* Sri Lankan Armed Forces

Data contain a few PLOTE & EPDP members, many of whom carry arms.


Civilian Deaths in Sri Lanka by Ethnicity Since Rajapakse's Election

(November 19, 2005 to date)

Tamils 1437
Sinhalese 90
Muslims --


  • Tamil data from above include 32 Muslims.
  • Sinhalese data from 10 Muslims killed in Poththuvil on Sept. 16 double-counted from Tamil data.
  • Muslim data will not be included until an independent source which claims to be authoritative is found. Suggestions to